Bar Recommendations

refreshing Litchi sweet

 Litchi  Syrup  Soda Water

Champagne is refreshed on the bubble, a tastes quite strong cocktail

Brandy Grand Marnier Orange Juice Champagne

Entrance heat wave blowing, with orange and cinnamon flavors, whisky can change rum or other spirits

Whiskey  Fresh Lemon Juice Syrup Hot Water

Intense aromas of fruit, can choose alcohol and soft

Fresh apple juice, lemon, orange, clove Cinnamon, can choose rum

Clove the scent of cinnamon, full-bodied fruit, winter wine lover's first choice

Orange juice, apples, clove, cinnamon, black currant wine



  • Hot Toddy
  • Yellow Bomb 
  • Lemon & Passion Drinks
  • Cucumber Caipiranha
  • Litchi Bubble Water