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Chef Recommendations


Nutrition health, cheese rich not greasy.

Traditional Italian lasagna, with pure organic vegetables, with special tomato sauce and Italian cheese, rich and non-greasy taste, nutrition and health, vegetarian first choice.

The palate is crisp, salty, and rich in vanilla

Traditional German pastry pastry, wild assorted mushrooms, unique production methods, crisp taste, fresh flavor.

The taste is salty, the vanilla is rich, mild and spicy

Choose assorted mushrooms high in heat and saute, with the Mexican tomato salsa and butter jam, Mexican pastry rolls.

Traditional practice, vanilla flavor outstanding, healthy nutrition.

Traditional Italian way, the onion, high quality sweet pepper charcoal grilled skin, fresh herb small fire to simmer the aroma, on top to put the sweet grass egg, in the oven bake 5 minutes cooked, healthy nutrition, flavor unique.


  • Italian Stewed Peppers with Eggs

  • Grilled Vegetable Burrito

  • Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

  • Wild Mushroom Strudel